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John Paul Jackson's 'The Art Of Hearing God' Course


This is the Course that changed our lives forever! Yet so often we have hear Students keen to take John Paul's Dream Interpretation Courses say things such as; "Oh I know all about that, I don't need to learn how to hear God, I've been a believer for years." That tells us straight away that although the person may have been a believer for years, they are not very mature. A mature believer is, amongst other things, hungry for more of God, humble and teachable. The Course is a great deal more than simply how to hear God's communications; it is a Christian discipleship course with prophetic emphasis which opens the eyes of believers to the deep things of God, the importance of living out of our spirit not our soul, how to remove roadblocks in our walk with Christ and how to use the gifts of revelation, including prophecy and dream interpretation, appropriately in the local church setting. 


Just SOME of the subjects covered include: 


* The audible voice of God​ * The three pillars of revelatory ministry * The four quadrants of revelatory anointing * Revelatory maturity and ministry development * The dark night of the soul * Public and private victories * How our minds are transformed by the Word of God * Moments of choice and our future * The difference between prophets and psychics          * Learning to listen * Practical tips for delivering a word * Spirit rule versus soul rule * The role of prophetic ministry in the church * God-ward meditation * Spiritual authority. PLUS challenging Bible studies, prophetic exercises and activations


 The Art Of Hearing God usually runs from a Thursday evening (19:00) during Friday and Saturday (09:00 through to 21:00) although other permutations of the schedule can be made available to suit churches or groups which invite us to teach the Course. A comprehensive Student Manual is included in the Course fee.


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