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This is a FREE service and there are some limitations as a result. Your dream will be interpreted by a team of Streams trained volunteers who do this because they love to interpret dreams. We do not claim to get every dream 'correct' yet the feedback we receive tells us that we get it right a great deal of the time! Because the service is operated by volunteers and we sometimes receive well over 50 dreams in a month, PLEASE BE PATIENT! Sometimes when members of the team are away and we have received a large number of dreams, it can take up to 27 days for your interpretation. If that happens to you, we ARE sorry but remember we do not charge for this service! Once your dream has been interpreted by the team, the interpretation will be checked by highly experienced Streams Understanding Dreams & Visions Teachers who act as a check and balance. Once 'cleared', the interpretation will be emailed to you. We reserve the right NOT to interpret any dream submitted to us which, because the content is considered inappropriate or too sexually explicit. Please also realise that we will INTERPRET the meaning of your dream, we will not go through every detail and explain it to you; we simply do not have the time! Please also understand that although the service is free, we will use your email address to send you details of courses and events we hope you will be interested in.


May God bless you, and please remember it costs us money to provide this free service to you, if you are blessed by it, please consider making a donation (see DONATE button below). Perhaps you could could also consider taking a Streams Understanding Dreams & Visions Course (Click HERE) so you will be able to interpret your own dreams and the dreams of others - go on! You'll love it too! Also please consider becoming a Streams Training Centre England Partner - click HERE! Thank you! 

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