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John Paul Jackson's 'Advanced Dreams & Visions Workshop'


You've taken John Paul's Understanding Dreams & Visions Course and you've been hooked into the wonderful world of Biblical dream interpretation, but what now? How do you go deeper? Simple: you get 'out there' and start interpreting dreams for work colleagues, friends, other church members and acquaintances. Or a group of you start to do regular outreaches using free dream interpretation to connect with people. As you do so, you become aware there is considerably more to dream interpretation than you first thought. Just like prophecy and other forms of revelation, dreams are frequently multi-layered. John Paul, through this Advanced Workshop, has added a considerable amount of new teaching to enable you to become even more proficient in dream interpretation. The Workshop is usually delivered by Tony & Dwee Cooke sometimes with additional, highly experienced, Streams Dream Interpreters. 


N.B. You HAVE to have taken the Understanding Dreams & Visions Course in order to take this Advanced Workshop, otherwise you would simply be wasting your money! It is also VITAL in our opinion that you have taken John Paul's The Art Of Hearing God Course before you take this Advanced Workshop. The Workshop schedule runs either from Thursday evening (19:00) through Friday (09:00 through to 21:00) and Saturday (09:00 through to 18:30) or from Friday 09:00 through to 21:00 and Saturday 09:00 through to 21:00 (depending on the venue). The Course fee includes a comprehensive manual, tea, coffee and biscuits.

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